The Pop Up Club can be personalised to suit your needs! It can be converted into many things including a sports therapists suite, VIP lounge and bar, a pop-up boutique, a trade show booth, a classroom or studio, a stage or even a restaurant or mobile kitchen! We will work alongside your team to come up with a unique and personalised event solution to best suit you.


· Mobile space · Unique transportation system designed for safety, quick deployment and effortless handling · Quick set-up, opening and levelling system deployable on most terrains and easy storage · Generates high quality visibility during activation, transportation and even when closed on location · Custom and unique designs, branding and furniture with endless possibilities to enhance customer/client experience · Effective pedestrian traffic flow with easy access · Environmentally friendly with recycling and a no paper philosophy · Optional staffing for safe transportation, deployment or specific purpose · Technology ready environment for WiFi, A/V, LEDs, smart TV and docking charging stations